The Story Of Harmonia

Hearing the word “export“, we usually get reminded of the exports of specialty goods or popular and highly consumed products. However, exports of goods are not what Harmonia deals with. Here at Harmonia, exports of services stand out the most. For that kind of exportation, there is no need to go all the way from one country to another; You can simply do it through a phone call or the internet. This is an excellent opportunity that benefits both countries of origin and destination.

The business group of Harmonia started to work in 2020, intending to link Iranian start-ups to the global market. In other words, Harmonia acts as a bridge between foreign investors and start-ups in Iran. According to the World Bank Open Data website, services exports have reached 6.4 trillion dollars globally. Also, WITS statistics show that Asia takes a 1.3 trillion dollar part in exports of services. At Harmonia, we make it possible for Iranian start-ups to take more part in this market.

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The business group of Harmonia not only develops the start-ups from the very beginning but also feels obligated to find investors for them. Harmonia accompanies the businesses that have relatively progressed in their paths and now have the potential for further development.

Due to Harmonia’s extensive and long-term relations with foreign investors, this group allows start-ups to find investors and projects. Harmonia helps them find investors and provides them with remote work and exporting projects.

Therefore, Harmonia makes the global business market accessible for Iranian businesses and presents professional and economical workforces to international investors. The main principle of Harmonia in developing these relations is a win-win equation for investors and businesses.

Harmonia's Team

Mahdi Khoshouei

CEO and Co-Founder

Nariman Sedaghat

HR Manager

Farnaz Mirghafari

Legal Manager

Dr. Momeni

Senior Medical Advisor

Dr. Shirzadian

Senior Business Consultant